Learn What To Do If You Need To Have A Large Piano Moved From One Home To Another Home

17 February 2017
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When you have a large piano that needs to be moved, it is important to hire professionals to handle the move for you. Hiring professional movers will better your chances of your piano arriving at your new home without being damaged. The guide below walks you through the steps to take to ensure the moving company can move the piano with ease. Let the Moving Company Know What Type of Piano You Have Read More 

Tips For Protecting Your New Home During A Move

18 July 2016
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Moving into new construction can be exciting – everything is a new, clean surface without any grime or damage from previous owners. This can make you a little nervous on moving day, though, since you don't want any accidental damage done to the home or dirt tracked in. The following tips can help you keep your new home looking new throughout the moving process. Tip #1: Protect the landscaping New construction usually means new landscaping, so the grass or plants may not be totally established by the time you move in. Read More 

Safety Precautions For Your Pets On Move Day

27 May 2016
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Moving can be a stressful time with competing priorities to coordinate. It is important to keep your pets in mind while moving so that their safety is a number one priority. Here are four safety precautions you should put into place for your pets on your moving day. 1. Keep Pets Safe When Movers Arrive If you are coordinating a big move with professional movers scheduled to help, moving day isn't a time to let cats and dogs run loose. Read More 

Want To Save On Rent? Rent A Storage Unit And Find A Roommate

2 February 2016
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Moving into a two-bedroom apartment on your own allows you to decorate the entire place how you like, and you get to set your own house rules. However, it also comes with higher expenses as you are solely responsible for paying the rent and all of the bills. If you want to start saving money on your rent, you should look into renting a storage unit and finding a roommate to help with half of the expenses. Read More 

4 Moving Tips You May Not Have Considered

14 August 2015
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If you know that you will be moving soon, you will want to begin planning right away. The sooner you plan and organize the move, then the easier it is going to be once moving day arrives. There are plenty of tips and resources out there to help you with your moving endeavor, but here are a few that you just may not have run across just yet: Consolidate Your Cleaning Supplies: Your cabinet of cleaning supplies should be consolidated, which means getting rid of the stuff that's down to its last few drops and using up what you can now before moving day arrives. Read More